Our newest tiny micro litter enjoy being held, you will love them. Come see them in person if you can. Thank you for checking out our Available Baby Pigs, we keep it current and updated. Our boar Cephas throws such a nice variety of colors. We now accept paypal for deposits, and you can mail the balance. Deposits are only $100. The litters we are producing by Cephas our tiny boar are some of the tiniest you will find on the market and the sweetest. His babies are not biters, they are generally cuddlers and very sweet!! That's where we stand out, our micro piglets will be enjoyed for the long term. Adoptive parents are telling us how much fun they're having with the new member of their family. A cute little Birth Certificate comes with each baby, it includes special details of their birth and parentage, it also includes the health guarantee. Shipping is extra, but we'll try to make it as easy as possible to get your new baby to you. Shipping Price includes a new crate, with blanket, a full USDA check up by our vet, and food and water for the trip. You will get your baby the same day we ship them out.

[True Love Tulip~Girl] Past Piggie, but we have more coming in a few weeks.

This girl is grey & white. She is itty bitty. Definitely Micro size. She'll probably stay under 15 lbs the first year.

[Jasper~Spotted Boy] {SOLD}

This little guy is a cutie. Sweet personality. He was renamed Elvis and will potentially train as a therapy pig. Thanks Nikki and family. $850. PET PRICE ONLY

Gary{Gary made front page of the West Bend newspaper}

ALL Black Male, He is all black and I know he is exactly what someone is looking for. I can tell already he is going to be a doll with lots of personality. Cephas babies are sweet & tiny.

Amelia {SOLD}

{Micro}Amelia. Amelia has got the cutest pug nose. She is definitely a MICRO! Smallest in the litter, Amelia is sweet sweet. She will not last long, now that we're making her down to $900. She's about 8 weeks old now. Sister to Jacob Send in $50. non-refundable deposit via paypal to reserve her. Pet only & READY TO GO HOME WITH YOU, pick up or pay for shipping

Pink Male 4.5 oz {SOLD}

My name is Wilbur. Wilbur was the runt of the litter. We got a letter from Wilbur's mommy recently. He is doing fantastic with two doggie brothers. They sleep and play together. Wilbur is now Hamilton and thinks that whenever his mommy lets his doggie brothers get a treat for going potty, that he should get one too, so he runs as fast as he can to get his treat. He's quite a character. We will be posting some of the pictures and letters sent in by our adoptive familys very soon.

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*Our determination of full grown size for these pigs is purely a guesstimation. | *Prices are subject to change, BUT when your deposit is received, then your price is locked in as well as your position in line.