CURRENT NEWS...I do apologize but we haven't had any piglet litters for a while, when we do get more we'll announce it here. We have two males of the Golddust litter and a Chocolate male that carries Parti and ee Blonde.

Porkies and Yorkies

TKT is run by a very small group of friends working together to offer you Quality Tiny Treasures from God's Kingdom. These treasures are our own pets, raised in our home. Our hope is that these wonderful creatures will delight you and be a great addition to your family. They make sweet companions and will never stop loving you.

When puppies are available, it is only for one dog breed, the ever cute Yorkshire Terrier. The types of Yorkie pups we offer are the best in their catagory including the Traditional Showdog Quality and Champion pedigree bloodline, as well as the colored Yorkies including the rare and much sought after Parti (Tri-colored), Golden, and of course the exceptional Chocolate Yorkies.

Same with the pigs, our pet pigs are the only type we sometimes have available and that is the very tiny pet piggies, bred this way naturally through genetics.  Pigs are the fifth smartest of the animal kingdom.  People are discovering that these sweet pigs are one of the nicest pets you will ever own.  These micro sized cuties are smaller than the pot belly pigs, will stay small and are perfect for indoors. They are known to get along great with all other house pets and are much easier to train than dogs. You'll find out how fast they learn things, tricks and using the pet door, or litter box for going potty. They have great, happy go-lucky personalities.

“He who finds a faithful friend, has found great treasure”.

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